Did not even start, Christmas shopping yet!

What to buy?  Where to shop for Christmas?  So many choices, so little time. Oddly enough, I waited right until December 24 th last year to shop. And, oddly enough, the malls were not up to full capacity at all. The line ups were really short, as it was only myself (the oddball) and a few other oddballs shopping so late.  Maybe, it is the way to go. As everyone is getting into the habit of shopping early, at least around this area.  Just that being in a Northern, shrinking demographic, there is only a few department stores you can choose from... Sometimes, hard to find items are, exactly hard to find...

I try to support the local area malls. My wife tells me at times, we need to go to Moncton to shop. I find it so busy in Moncton ( southern New Brunswick has built up way faster than the shrinking North), they have all the stores there. It is definitely nice to go now and then, but I try to help my fellow retailers as much as possible.

It is hard to shop, what do you shop for? The people I buy for, have in some respects more than what I alone have. I am thinking, of the non materialistic side of giving this year.

Give some tickets to a great concert. Give some tickets to a movie. Give some tickets to a great restaurant that everyone says is fantastic. Get that someone a bottle of hardstuff.... Yeah, the old hardstuff... That will cut down your shopping in half, if you make the ticket thing, a family event...  Till then, and good luck with the Christmas shopping...

And, of course, no news on the book...


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