Did a few pages of correction today!

Part 2: Rise of the Market Overlord, is coming along fine. The correction process, in which I call polishing off, is doing very good.

It is a good thing, to go through it again, as some things are added, and some things are taken away. Mostly, allot of things are added, so far, to add more volume and humor to the book. It is like, icing on the cake, so to speak. Polishing can only help your book or writing out, and rarely does it make it worse.

I seen people laughing at some scenes from Sherlock Holmes Part 2. I said, if the people laugh at that stuff, they surely will love even the weak comedy lines of my book in some areas. Maybe it is just, that crazy Canadian humor bug coming out to roost!

I still have a long ways to go, as I am far from the back. I rather go a little slow, to make sure it all fits together right. The book is, going to be very good as well. Maybe better than the first. I am not sure, but it is up for the public to decide.

A tragedy in the family does slow you down. It slowed me down, a week, so far, and then that week was a very important one. With that lost week, I think I would have nearly been done the corrections. Oh well, it must be for a reason. As, I believe everything is done, for a reason.  Have a great evening, till then..


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