Checking out the Agents

Today, I was checking out some literary agents. It is tough, to get one as well, as they are all inundated with e mails from everybody throughout the world. If I can only get an agent like 007, then, I could probably get my book to the President of the United States. Or maybe the President of Russia. He, or she, would be a good agent. I would nick name them 007 anyways, and they better like it.

Went for a walk in the snow covered woods today. There was branches bent over the trail. There was, a few trees fallen on the trail. We had to zigzag through the maze at times, as the trail now resembled a tree cutting operation in some areas. The heavy snow from a day ago, was to wet for allot of the trees to handle. Even while walking, in some areas it formed a crust.

Allot of traffic in Bathurst as well. I will have to do some Christmas shopping soon, I find I put too much things on the back burner at times. part three is nearly complete, maybe only 50 pages to go to the finish line. I am not sure if I will write today. I need to take a little break, but maybe tomorrow night... Have a great night, till then..


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