Began to proofread Part 2

I proofread the first 40 pages of the main body of Part 2 so far. Minute changes so far, and it is really incredible the errors you can make when typing the thing out for the first time. I will try to continue to proof read, and then until January 1st,  to get it done. My publisher will read it for flow and consistency, and grammar/ spelling errors, as well.

Then, I will be given it back to go over again. Then, I will be given it twice to approve to go over any errors that may come about. I rather the process, have a second round of copy editing, but, we will see how it goes this time. This time I am a little smarter with the spacing after a comma, not typing out numbers, ect, so it should be a little easier for them to correct.

I still have a little work to do on Part 3, I may do some this morning, if the time permits. I got to do some, last minute shopping as well. Just that the whole sad news that I had to deal with, last week, was not good, and set me back quite a bit...  I hope you all have a great day, I will be back later.. Till then...


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