Another one of my passions in life, Politics!

I know many people, abhor politics. They have many of a reason to do so too. Usually, elected officials do not deliver on their promises. Some break promises in a vagrant way. The electors boot them out, if they do a terrible job at the helm. Thus, goes the election cycle.

Someone promises something better, all the time. Lower taxes, better schools, good roads, and maybe even that mega project in an area that needs one. If you say the right things, you can get elected.

People are always scared, of saying the wrong things. Raise your taxes, raise corporate taxes, no new construction, we are in hard times.. No one wants to hear that. Could someone get elected on such a platform?

Definitely, throughout the world, it seems there is a race to the bottom. I think in some areas of the world, we reached it. A race to the bottom in taxes, and changes in labor standards around the world, as we see most manufacturing go to lower wage areas. It has been said, it is only the price of oil (transportation costs), that could bring these jobs back. Just maybe..

With raising debt levels in developed countries of the world, something, unpopular must be done. I just hope they do not cut on those who are pensioners, or people who truly need support.

I would have liked to run for politics myself. There is a liberal leadership here, in New Brunswick. It is just that, it takes allot of money and dedication. Unfortunately, my book did not create enough money for me to run. I would have to stop writing. I would have to move to another area of the province. Take on the big issues, try to create, jobs.

Jobs are the number one, issue, anywhere, anytime. And, with jobs, comes everything else... Everything else, you have heard it from me... So, when you see an elected official, do not ask if he is going to pave your roads, give you a chunk off of your tuition at university, or hire more nurses. Ask him, to help to attract or lure more jobs into the area... Jobs, create taxes, and then create more revenue so the government can do everything else... A politician who can, create jobs from a magic wand, could be king forever... Have a great day,  till then...


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