What do you do when you run out of ideas?

What do you do, when you run out of ideas?  Does not matter what profession you are into. You have come towards a wall. A stumbling point. Or you could think of it another way. You have been climbing a mountain.  Reaching halfway, you see no other grabbing points to get up further. Any other type of movement, maybe costly, or risky to your journey. You think, of walking down to the start. The point of depart, then to retry another avenue around the mountain in order to reach the top. Thing is, it is a hard, arduous journey to even do it all again. Do you feel like stalking up on the food, expending the energy, using freeze free beer, to make it and to have the chance to come down to the base of the mountain again, without getting to the apex?

The book business has been that sort of a climb for me. I totally realize now, that without a miracle of sorts, nothing is truly going to happen. I have tried to get the message out. Strangers have told me they liked the book, but when things do not move, you really counter think and say that they are just 'nice people', giving me those high ratings and all. They are really nice people, no doubt in my mind. I do not think so. I really believe their ratings. This was reinforced in their private messages to me on Goodreads after the readings. They told me they never read a book so fun, so funny, so good. It was really good!

Then, the other problem is that the exposure of the book. Every author has this problem. How to get the most exposure for the buck. I do not know, first hand how to get this done. It is a mysterious and unknown realm to me. All I know, I was always a slow learner. But once I learn, I seem to do very well, at whatever is ahead of me.

For now, It will take a sort of miracle, to get fair sales from my books. Lets say my book was one out of a hundred thousand, it would do very well. It is truly one out of the 10s of millions, so that is the problem. Covered, and on the back, of any internet sellers page. I would challenge one internet seller, to put it on the front page, just for a day. Just for one, day...

Till next time,  till new ideas come about. Have a great afternoon!


MomiTrainHawaii said…
You keep sending me these blogs to read hoping for a post...and every time I read...I write..but find my posts are not making the final cut...maybe U should put me in charge of selling your book bc ppl ...lots of very nice people READ my tweets...just saying
And that offer was Free...For One Day Only
oilers said…
If you were in charge of selling my book, I am sure I would sell millions while I buy you a coffee from Starbucks for thanks :)

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