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Sometimes it takes many years before knowing the side effects of stuff.

Last year, the CBS did a news report on the use of fire retardant chemicals on baby seats. This was, quite startling, as you would figure a baby seat would just do its mainstay function of keeping a baby safe. But, allot of people noticed a strong smell emanating from the seat, after being taken out of the package. The smell, was that of fire retardant chemicals, which could slow intellectual development of the baby, or possibly do other things. Here is a link to a Discovery news article about the whole thing.

If 80 % of childrens products fall into the fire retardant chemically treated column, then we have to ask ourselves if this is good for the baby over a period of time. Environmentalists and those on the side of nature say it is not safe, while those on the chemical side of it will say that no harm will occur.  You can take your side of the fence on how you see it, but many baby seat manufacturers have already changed to a non chemical produced chair.

Do our furniture contain fire retardants as well? These fire retardants give off their chemicals in the air, over time. By sitting on them, and by breathing it all in, we absorb allot of these great chemicals. I suggest you drink allot of beer to flush them out.

There are even sites where you can see the most environmentally friendly cars out there to you. When you first get into a new car, you got that great, new car smell! Well, that new car smell is full of toxins. It takes time for that stuff to air out. Maybe a few years, until it smells like one of your old jogging socks. Then it probably is much safer than when it was new. Cars are rated also, on their chemical safety to you. The Honda Civic is actually one car that does excellent in using good materials that are friendly to you.

That is a link to the car smell stuff. This is a great site to get all of the news on this stuff.

Here in Canada, there was still an asbestos mine opened in Quebec not to long ago. Just happened that the wrong political party got in, and cut the mines funding. They sold the asbestos to third world countries, while here in our own country it is outlawed to use asbestos. It can cause cancer in your lungs, and a wide array of lung problems. The federal government, and Provincial government, has probably kept the mine running for the job factor. But, what does it say about exporting something that we do not allow to use here? It is a catch 22. This mine has just closed for now, due to lack of funding from the Quebec government. But it took until the 2010s to do this.

 I have heard that perhaps WiFi (Wireless radio frequency) may not be good for certain people, may cause damage later on in life, or cause students to have their concentration affected.  Here is a link to a WiFi safety debate, while no proof suggests that it is harmful to date. The same debate, exists for cell phones.

The point here is this. We live in the 21st century. Why are we still dealing with some companies, that produce products that are harmful to baby, to us, when our technology is so high tech?  Is science, or money, failing us? Companies that are in to make a quick buck, and then get out fast. Wool is said to be too expensive to use, and an arguable fire retardant, but the old people say it is a great fire retardant. Why do we only know of the harmful effects of these new products, 20 or 30 years down the road?  The point is here, to keep always an open mind to what you are using. Always question its function, especially if it is new, maybe keep down its usage to a minimum to. This can keep the effects low, after 20 or 30 years time of exposure to these new technologies.

No news on the book front.. Till next time..


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