Grandma 100 years old.

Went to see my Grandmother the other day. She is a few months past the 100 year old mark! She still has that light in her eyes, that sparkle, as my wife noticed.

I think of some of the things she went through. No electricity back when she was young, and much colder, frigid winters having to heat with wood stoves. Washing clothes by hand, cooking everything by hand. She even worked on a farm when she was young. Very different times from now, that we have the power of electricity in our homes.

Back then a few people used to steal chickens, and make delicious chicken bouillon. Some people needed their chickens to lay eggs for the year. I would like to see a movie made in the near future, called, "Hen Robbers: Cluck on the run".  This happened to her family, and many others during that time. During a cold winters night, people would sit around the table thinking of those fast pecking animals in their neighbors yard. Maybe hearing the clucks from the chickens. Especially close to a festive night, like New Years Eve. During the darkness of the night, they would come out and take one unfortunate egg layer. Into the pot you go!

I heard of stories where they would also make lemon pies during that time, and leave them out on the window sill to cool. A passerby would steal one, when the cooks back was turned to the window. It made for allot of fun and intrigue at times, guessing at who stole the hot pie. They knew.

But, all of this was taken in fun. Not as if the chickens were stolen every day. If that was the case, then the real trouble would begin. I wonder if this is the case today, with big stores. When someone walks out with a CD of "Alvin and the Chipmunks",  do the big retailers think the same..

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