When are you going to catch your wind?

Your sailboat is in the water. You got your sail up. No wind. No inspiration. It happens to us all, at times. We feel left out at times.

How many of us are like that? Depressed, or down in the dumps? Waiting for the wind to blow in any or one direction, to take us somewhere. Seems like in this life we try to create our own "winds of change", to follow in a direction in which we think, may take us somewhere to a more comfortable place. Some people are fortunate enough not to have to create their own winds. The wind was already in place to take them to where they were destined to go.

Maybe you are a painter, an engineer, or a writer. Looking for that propellant to take you into a niche that can keep you going. Keep you creative, with lots of brain activity. Thinking, being constructive, is good!

I think we are all, big and small, but through it all we are just looking to keep an edge. Make us feel that we are still wanted out there, by somebody, sometime, in this time at hand.

It is rougher on the older people. The people who are poor. They are left out of society quite a bit, and do not connect with the mainstream. I bet they all have a pile of good ideas, too. I bet, they can do some pretty amazing things, if given the chance. Lets reconnect them to the mainstream! The chance to unravel their sail, and tack against the wind. Chances are they can give us a little direction, and a bit of good advice too!

Personally I am in the water, with the sail up, no wind blowing my way at times. I may have passed up my chance to sail the high seas. But you never lose by not trying...

Have a great day,  till next time...


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