This review was not coerced in any way, shape, or form.

This is a review I received today, on Goodreads. A 5 on 5 :

The Supermarket Guy II: Rise of the Market Overlord was another great book by Daren Doucet. Mr. Doucet writes with clarity and vision yet he is also able to capture suspense, mystery, espionage and his characters are absolutely delightful. The dog is a great asset to the story, too.

This book continues with Harold and his crazy antics but this time Harold is the President of a supermarket chain with a supermarket nemesis who is out to destroy him. 

If you want to read a book that has it all this is definately the book for you. Lighthearted enough to keep you in stitches and serious enough to keep you in suspense. What a read!! You really do not want to miss out on this series.

I would love to see this story on the big screen!

Thanks for your insight. Your words are what makes me want to continue the journey...


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