The Life of Pi

I knew it had to do something with pie squared.

This movie was 4 out of 5, for myself personally taking away my lust for action movies. If I would put my action movie bias on, it would be a 3 on 5.

Now, the tiger was very good effects. The computer generated effects, are definitely going to be up for an Oscar or Razzie award. Probably the first.

It is a story of someone finding himself, probably his spirituality, and the changes of a person within. Maybe you will take something different from the show than what I think about it. At any rate, the wind blows the right way right at the very end.

Being on a boat is a tiring thing, crossing the great Pacific ocean. It is quite something to write, such a story, on a small little boat. I was thinking a little bit of Castaway with Tom Hanks, only with him stuck on the island.

When it comes down to it, we are all survivors. Just looking at the best way, to get it done. Living life in the modern jungle.

Have a great evening, till next time... No news on the book..


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