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The "Call of Duty: MW3" on WII

A few days ago, I played the "Call of Duty: MW3" on the Nintendo WII. I opened up the package. It says on the package for "Mature Audiences +17".  I booted it up. At my age of 37, I was wondering if I could handle the intensity of this game. Not so much the blood and gore, but the controls. The thing I hate about these games, is the controls. You need a numbchuck and the regular handheld device hooked together. Too many buttons, sometimes can cause you to lose a game just over how your thumb or finger reaches for that button in time.

The WII fit is a great game also, getting away from the above paragraph. It is amazing what you can do now, with a video game console. Exercise and compete too.

I played the game. It was ferocious at times. It is a good feature where the game loads after getting through to the next segment, or you would just never survive. Never get through it. At least, me personally. No doubt a teenager would get through there without probably hardly getting hit.

The visual presence of the game is astounding. The graphics are great. I understand why the game is rated at 17 and over. I compare this to the time when I was a kid, playing with the Atari 2600, then commmodore 64. The Commodore 64 did have some games that were interesting and fun to play with. Simple joystick controls, with both the Atari and Commodore. The games of that time like seaquest or montazumas revenge, were more 2 dimensional. You could see the pixels and all, of course, but they did a good job for the times. We would play those games all evening, much to our parents dismay. The 64 was nice that you could get into the programming a little bit, at times.

The WII is a great gaming machine. Only thing I did not like, was my controllers were not picking up at times to my  motion. This was rare, but it did happen. I was perhaps out of range of the receiver on top of the tv. When you have to move fast when getting away from danger, it sometimes would freeze up. Or too quick of a movement to pick up? Not sure. That was the only pick I had, with the WII.

Besides that, the game is a 5 on 5 for me. Well done, plays out like a movie. And you are a part of it. If you liked the movie the Expendables with Stallone and company, then this is the game for you. In the end, I was getting used to the controls, C for crouching down, B for shooting, I think, and Z for focus your sights. I still get messed up with some of them. Someday someone out there will invent a great "controller". I have yet to see one. Or maybe the games are just to complex for some of us. Oh well.

Have a great day, till next time...


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