Thanks for the Option VISA!!

I would like to personally thank Visa, for the option of not having a Pay Pass or Pay Wave card. A few days ago, I called various banks to apply for a credit card. My new Mastercard had a Pay Pass function on it. I thought it was good, at first. Until I seen on U Tube how hi tech individuals can steal the radio wave frequency, and take all of the information on your card. Sell them to organized crime, so they can upload it to their cards.

I destroyed my Mastercard Pay Pass. I called them again (Mastercard) to apply for a card without that feature.

I thought, choice, is nice. No choice with Mastercard, at least on that phone call to the bank. All their cards, the bank woman explained, had Pay Pass.

I called another bank. All their cards had pay wave and pay pass. So I called Another bank. This bank had, A visa card with no pay wave!

Finally a company that gives us Options, gives us Freedom. Give people the option, of what they want to do with their money.

I know we hear it now and then on TV. Cashless society coming. This is perhaps true, but a person, an individual, you Deserve the right to put your money in some form where you want it. Even at your house, if you like, when you get disenfranchised at a bank or credit union. You, deserve to take out your few hundred dollars out of your account and put it under your mattress if you so likely want to do it. Freedom, liberty, is something we should not take for granted.

Remember electronic transactions can be traced, anywhere. Governments would just love to tax you on the simplest transactions, even between people. But why? There is no reason to, the government makes enough tax money off of our income taxes and sales taxes, ect. There are incredible privacy issues to the future of money, as well.

But, for now, Thank you Visa for the Option. Thank you for the Selection.

Till next time...


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