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Snow Blower fixed to get through another year.

My old, 13 year old snow blower, ready for another year. Took it all apart. Greased the bushings, replaced the friction wheel, and even made a new part for the movement of the shaft for the aluminum round plate that butts up against the friction wheel for the drive movement.

It was a redesign in motion. It was difficult because the shaft did not protrude that much out of the casing. Maybe a little more than a quarter of an inch. I had to put a plate there for a protection for the casing. As this shaft was rotating, it wore through the casing of the main body.

I was wondering how any company could over see this. In time, when it is new, it works great. Over time, parts wear down. Any rotating parts without any type of bearing, bushing, will wear through eventually the casing. So, I had to improvise and drill two holes, place the plate up against it and then drill the plate down so a cotter pin could lock it in place. Bolted it to the frame, and it will protect the casing from wearing down.

My machine is not the top of the line, but it is a 12 hp. It throws the snow far across the yard. My father has an 8 hp, it works great for small storms, but for big storms it is tedious and takes a long time to get the job done. I will bring my own at times to his house, to get the job done nearly 2 times as fast.

The only thing I usually work about these machines, is the carburetor. When it gets bad, i hate to put a kit in it. I probably would just replace the whole thing. Luckily, it is working good, so far. 13 years old.

For a machine that cost 1800 dollars, I would say I placed over the 13 years 500 dollars repair on it. Divide it by 13 years, that is the cost thus far. But, it is still running. I hope, for several years to come. Now, is it worth it. For a to get a contract of 20 dollars per snow day, or 25 through the mid 2000s, or 30 now in the 2010s. 200 dollars per year contract for snow removal, now up to 250 or 300? But, then to wait for the tractor to come in your yard. When you need to really get out of your yard. Oh, but the work associated with blowing your own yard. 30 minutes to an hour. Interesting debate..

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