Skyfall vs. Casino Royal

Skyfall. I heard good things from the relatives that went to see it. I love Bond movies, so I had to go see this one. So many good words about it. A movie critic from the CBC gave it 5 on 5.

I thought Casino Royal was the top of the top of the top. I had to see this one, as the Quantum of Solace was alright. But it was no Casino Royal.

The first part of the show was alright. The motorcycle scenes, good. But you get tired of watching hundreds of people running out of the way of the chase when on the over crowded streets. How does no one get hit? Maybe I am to much of a realist. Then the battle on top of the train. How could Madame M give such an order. Has she lost her brains. Especially when a chance was had for Bond to overcome his struggle.

One of the bond girls only lives a short while. This really surprised me. Alright then.

When the villain was on the ladder. He shot the steel bar twice. Let off on the trigger. Why not shoot him then and there? Finish it. Then a rail way car came crashing through. Did the crook set the explosive, at the right time, for this to happen. Unbelievable. By letting go of the villain there, he sure did allot of damage. This Bond is good at leaving the villains continue on to shoot people for a bit.

Then the old shooting the ice underneath me, and falling into the water trick while killing one of his adversaries. Alright.

The catchy slogans. The rat eating a rat thing. Then, at the end, the rat slogan comes out again. Cheesy.

Because it was a Bond film, I liked it. But not as much as the others. The best part of it was the opening song. Great job Adel! Casino Royal was a great film. You just never knew how it was going to end. The love element, the Villains, hard to top. Oh, and that card game. That is just my opinion.

Till next time, no news on the book front...


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