Only after 48 hrs you can discuss stuff in Amazon Forums

I should have put in the title, only after 48 hrs after you buy something, you can then start typing in Amazon discussion forums. Just that the title would have been to long. Now, do not get me wrong, Amazon is a super site! A distributor for just about anyone, big or small, any business, anywhere. They are a crusader for the small print on demand publishers too!

There is allot of great discussions on books in Amazon forums. I would like to participate, big time. Great thinking, great directions, great debates.

But, amazon says you have to buy something first. I did so this past while, and now can participate in the forums. I was wondering if it was to Amazons advantage for to be able to say to everyone, everywhere, that you have to buy something first. Then wait 48 hrs to post.

I can see some advantages. You really want to get in there and post. You really want to get into discussions, to be heard. Well, you got to buy something. Sorry. Just have to. Then you can start doing what you want to do. Give reviews, too! My friend has a book in at Amazon. I will try to give this person a review soon!

But, I know personally I am on the side of just allowing anyone to enter into forums. Good discussion could come even from people that do not buy a book or something off of Amazons site. I know that this is hard to believe, but, it could happen.

You know, maybe it is a way to lessen the amount of debate and to keep it in a much cleaner format from trolls and such. Perhaps. But, this again is debatable.

In my opinion, Amazon should let people who do not buy still participate in discussions and reviews. Lets make sure they fill out some information, though, for sure. They will still be policed by the Amazon police squad! Why have fear from the outside. Overall, outside reviews and comments can help the process of selling.. Books maybe.. Reviews maybe?

Have a great day, till next time.


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