News on the book front.

The book front. I have really just let the winds blow as they may. Thankful to have some good reviews that had come my way during the past. One ardent reviewer has done allot for me. This person even asked if they could put their review on Barnes and Noble. I have no review there yet. For sure, thankfully to this person, as every little bit should help. That is what the old folks would say.

Every little bit should help. I was going to publish my book of poems this past little while. I am holding off. Things are not going quite as planned. I did garner another 3 pick ups from the 86 people I had to read my book. The only problem is, as I have mentioned beforehand, their reviews may come by in a year or two. These people read 100s of books before even purchasing my own. It is a long, long wait, for more reviews to come across the line.

I have really given up, this past while. Stopped writing Part 4, even though it is 40 % done. No inspiration. When I cannot even publish Part 3, how can I complete Part 4? It is like an engine that has run out of diesel. No fuel, no movement. It is going to take a miracle for me to publish Part 3, then complete Part 4 now, again. Maybe what I needed was a true break from it all, anyways. Lackluster sales can do that. Stop you dead in your tracks.

Have a great evening, till next time.


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