Is Bacon the universal key to world Peace?

You can fry it up in the morning. Some people mix it in their thanksgiving stuffing. On top of burgers, it can have a pyrotechnic effect. Just like hamburger, cheese, or deep fried scallops. Bacon probably tops them all.  Great pricing, easy to handle, and can go with so many different things. It is accommodating, and does not prejudge.

Could Bacon unite people and finally achieve world peace? I remember cooking bacon here awhile ago. Some friends were over for breakfast. I had to cook this humongous breakfast. I took out the tried and tested bacon, which would accompany eggs over easy and some pan fried potatoes with toast.

I filled the pan with delicious slices of bacon. All of a sudden, I looked down to the side of me. My friends kids were watching my every move, as they all shouted "Bacon!". It produced huge excitement. This is the first time I had a reaction like this to my cooking. So I contained my surprise, as only my dog used to watch me intently as I cooked bacon. The excitement was overwhelming, as I continued to cook, one kid continued to watch me fry the bacon, right up to the very end.

Bacon for world peace! Just let your window down. Let the aroma fill the outside air. That neighbor that hates your guts may just come over to the fence for a sniff. Ask him if he wants a slab of bacon. Watch the smile on his face, as he forgets miserable thoughts of old. Pour him or her a coffee too!!!

Lets just link up the whole world in a perpetual ring of bacon! Lets just do it! Maybe erect a statue to the sky in the shape of a slab of bacon! Lets save all the bacon grease and create bacon soap and use it in the shower!!!

Ok, I think I have gone to far now.. Time to go :)  Till next time, no news on book front..


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