I knew Obama would win.

I had a good feeling that Obama would win. I just did not want to say it on here. None of my business, really. I am a Canadian. But here are my after thoughts. Safe to say them now.

He did do some good things. He took credit for the auto bailout that saved GM and Chrysler. The thing is, I thought it was W. Bush who got the ball rolling on that one. Maybe I am mistaken. But, I thought Bush got that scenario rolling, and Obama kept it rolling. The unemployment rate did go down a tad bit, as did the job creation went up a tad in the USA. He also, did keep his promise of pulling troops out of Iraq, and now Afghanistan is coming to a close. It seemed like a hard 4 years for some Americans though, as the jobs may not have come quick enough for to support his second re election bid.

Mistakes on the Romney side. Gaffs. The 47 % speech, his hard talk on going into another conflict with Iran. His awkwardness at many times, made people question his true motives. The big money that backed him, his own money, his own background of being rich and not wanting to tax the rich. All left for a limping candidate. Himself being a millionaire, a huge success, was it to his detriment in the end?

Last nights media talked about how the people were changing in the Republican camp to a more moderate bunch. Not as many right wing, religious, or old fashioned people in the ranks.

On that note, I do say it is true somewhat. But Romney nearly won this election. He should have won this election. Does a republican candidate have to be a moderate, middle of the run guy, to win? I do not believe so, as long as the right wing candidate sees eye to eye on topics that have nothing to do with a way of life style. Taxes, healthcare, economic spending, foreign policy, ect, are topics that do not require right wing politics. Jobs? Just common sense.

When I seen Romney elected at the RNC, I could not believe it. I also could not believe of the poor choice of candidates up there. Santorum was probably my first choice. Although I forget his stances on the issues, but he looked more comfortable with talking in front of the cameras. A missed opportunity for the Republicans.

Obama won. He won, with basically not much change in the economy. Where, a Santorum could have beat Obama handily. Any other good candidate, could have beat Obama. Not Romney. Never chose someone who keeps coming back for more. It usually does never work. Obamas poor job creation "the economy, stupid" should have stopped him from being re elected. But, I will say, I think he did all he could in the situation that the world is in.  The world is in tough shape, after all. Europe is in a slump, a hard slump. Do free trade agreements really work? This is all very interesting, as we are heading into some interesting times. I hope the economies of the world get back into shape, but it is going to take allot of work to do so.

Republicans should take heed. If Obama successfully returns the economy to a sound state, Democrats will go in again in 4 years. If it is much of the same blah of the past 4 years, then Republicans will win in 4 years. That is all of my thoughts on this past election.

No news on the book front, till next time...


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