Hockey strike in the NHL

The Hockey strike is taking its toll worse on the fans, than anyone else. We keep hearing on how the fans, are always on the worse end of the hockey stick. With the owners wanting a 50- 50 split from the 57 - 43 arrangement ( correct me if I am wrong), they have a long way to go in reaching a concession. The owners do want to cut them down quite a bit, in my view. My advice to the NHLPA, is to get better pension revenue for the players that are retired today.

I think the players should get together, and start playing in other rinks across the USA and Canada. Give the fans a good show, at a reduced ticket price. Go to the towns, divide up the teams accordingly, or even play against the locals just for fun in some sort of game arrangement. It would boost the players popularity and give the fans a cooling off period.

We see the old timers do this all the time. Come to our local towns, and play for fun, usually against local talent or mix up the talent with the local talent.

Hoping for a resolution soon, although it does not seem like it is going to happen. They say the average career of an NHL player is not as long as what it used to be. An average of 3 years? That is a little hard to believe, when watching the Brodeurs and Chelioses, Messiers of the days gone bye. Is it because the game has gotten too rough. That is another topic, for another day.

Till next time.. No news on the book front...


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