Got a Christmas card from my Aunt the other day.

Got a Christmas card from my Aunt in Niagara Falls the other day. It was sent very early, and it was gladly received. She is in her late 90s, and is a part of the Greatest Generation.  The generation that saw the second world war, and with it, the great depression and the greatest challenges of the past century.

These people were something else. The thing is, they could do allot of things that we could not do. Great cooking from scratch, prepare food for winter months, knit, make own clothing if necessary, and use the washboard by hand. Now technology does all this for us.

I am thinking of a time when things were made locally. A time when the Model T ford was just starting to be seen in small rural communities around Canada. Picket fences and farm, fishing, blacksmiths, cobbler shops, sawmills dotted the area every 10 or 20 miles. Now, one sawmill can handle all the wood from a 200 square km range. My grandfather worked in one of the old sawmills. His wife would knit him a pair of gloves to work there. They would be worn out at the end of the day, from handling the huge volume of wood. Near the end of the day, he would just throw them to the side. The old Eatons catalogue now a thing of the past. They could not keep up with the Sears, or other retail giants that came into the landscape.

They say someday if we run out of oil, we will have to come back to a society like this. Everything done more locally, as the energy intense movement of goods will cease to function. Diesel trucks bring us goods from around the globe. Diesel fuels the ships, and keeps the economy moving. Jeff Rubin, the author of "Why your world is about to get a whole lot smaller: Oil and the end of Globalization", is a real fact of the matter thing. Just when is it going to happen.

You see, the thing is, that I do think there is at least between 100 to 150 years oil supply. This is due to the untapped potential in reserves not yet found yet. Global warming may unveil them, to the dismay of the environmentalists. But, they are there. Huge deposits. The oil sands, also, now deposits found in Saskatchewan, Canada. Of course, as a society, we hope we will wean off our dependency on oil through the years. We hope our new fuel efficient cars, or lifestyles for the future, will be less energy dependent. We see this trend in trucks, cars, in everything that uses energy. It is a good direction to be heading..

Till next time.. The future waits for our old human localization habits to someday renew itself again... When oil runs out..


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