Frost on windshield this morning.

Frost was heavy on the windshield this morning. Minus two Celsius out there, the coolness could be felt all around. It was during one of those times when you are in a rush to get somewhere. You hate to leave your vehicle warm up. But in Canada, or in any northern country, it is a fact of life. Better to leave your windshield heat up, than driving with a small hole of sight through the frost.

It may take 5 minutes, but the wait has to happen. I will have to get up much earlier now. A little bit, or program myself to get out faster to start the vehicle a little earlier.

Are we all in a rush these days? We ask ourselves, why are we in such a rush. What is so important that we have to rush. There were times when I rushed to make social functions, only to see that someone, always seems to appear late.

What is wrong with appearing late. I am starting to think it is, the cool thing to do. I see it all over. And people do have great excuses for it. Real excuses too, the alarm clock, or dozing off again after hitting the alarm off.

Late is cool. Lets take our time. Why not. Why speed. Why rush to get things done. Time does wait, for us, now doesn't it? As long as there is no life and death situation involved, lets not cause trouble while rushing for something that we think is so important. I seen people late for weddings. Important people. The crowd just hums and haws, and no one really remembers a few weeks down the road of that particular instance. True. No one will care, a hundred years from now..

Till next time... No news on the book front.. 


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