Beer bellies a problem when you drink every night.

Yes, the notorious beer belly. You are a man. You love beer. You wish you could drink it every day. But, those calories all stack up. Is it true, that there is approximately 300 or more calories per beer. That is like eating a meal during the day.

This is what made me cut back a bit during the past week. I looked down, realized my belly was expanding a little bit. If I continued, I know I would not get it down. I am not a big sweet eater, so it is a good thing as the two would not mix very well. My family keeps telling me I could get diabetes in the future if I would continue on the bandwagon for very long.

So, I intend to drink only once per week. It is going to be tough. It also stops me from getting allot of things done during the evenings. Now, I do not drink a dozen a day. It is more in the range of 2 to 6, per day. Just enough, to over time, get me into a larger frame with no activity. I started to weight train again the past month or so now, that should help somewhat. I may have a few at night, when work is done. It is rare for me to drink during the morning or afternoon hours. I am not big on hard liquor, preferring it only to holidays or hunting season.

If you want to cut down on the calories and lose that belly, lay off of the pop and beer. Pop can be just as bad. Loaded full of sugar, and really a bummer for your chompers. Want to wear falsies or go gummy while eating, it is a tough road to take. White sugar is never very good for us. It is bleached, and I guess it is not as good as the organic stuff. I try to buy cane sugar, or brown sugar. We cannot get away from it entirely, unless we live on the moon.

I hope you all have a great evening eating lettuce and beet juice... No news on the book front, till next time.


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