May take few days to 2 wks to get see the blog interview.

I went back to check on the interviewers blog site to see when my interview maybe posted. I read very carefully, to see that sometimes it takes in between 5 days to 2 weeks to be posted.  This is understandable, as book reviewers do review an incredible amount of material. For the book author, patience is a virtue.

Currently have 94 people signed up to win a book on Goodreads. Only 15 days left to the contest, and I will be ready to mail the signed copies away.

On twitter, I have close to 1500 followers, from just 5 months on the site. This is with 8160 tweets, and actually had some super conversations with people from mostly the USA, England, and Canada.

People at work are beginning to ask for Part 2 again. I asked this guy what he thought of Part 1, as he did not tell me beforehand. He said his wife liked it, and he found the book was great.

It seems people are too busy these days, just to even read the book. I know some people who bought my book, still have not read it at my workplace. I will have to tell them that there is a hundred dollar bill hidden in the pages, in there, somewhere...

But, there was another of my co workers who said the book was not for him. But his wife liked it. He said he liked more of a different genre of book, but he said it was alright. At least he was honest, and I respect that.

That is the way the book world works, from a publishing on demand viewpoint. You have to do social media, and it is tough at times, not to see much results. Once again, patience, is a virtue. I have logged in many hours trying to break the barriers of the wall. Trying all the while to create some sort of presence, or some sort of following, out there somewhere. Nevertheless, how tough the process is, it is still very much an interesting one. Till next time...


oilers said…
Blog interview was fantastic! Great job!

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