Goodreads giveaway news!

Just in a little over one day, I went from 260 contestants to a current 345! That is really incredible, how perhaps, a first page viewing on the giveaway page can do for your numbers. I am really taken aback.

So in retrospect, I got over 85 contestants in a period of 30 hours. That is the best that my contest, has ever done, period. I did not go out to advertise heavily on twitter, but I did put in the odd ad here and there. My advertising on twitter has gone down, dramatically, as I focus my advertising more on the contest itself.

I may do a contest on Part 1, if Goodreads will let me do it. I should have done a contest on Part 1, last year when it was first released. My mistake, and it did actually affect, everything I have done up till this point. It led me down some different directions, in thinking about the business, that I did not have to take. I have even stopped writing, and let allot of things go in the book writing world.

I did not truly expect to get over 150 or so contestants, but 345 is a blast! Thanks again to all who entered in the contest to win. Till next time


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