Applied for a new International Contest on Goodreads!

Just will take a 2 day approval time. I applied for a new contest for "The Supermarket Guy 2" again. This time, it is more international, including the Russian Federation, France, Spain, Germany, Great Britian, Australia, Japan, and others.

If I get the approval, I suggest you go to Goodreads and join up, if you are into reading. Then, apply to win a book, if not from me, from other authors out there. Great fun, and chances are great that you will win a book! Goodreads is a great forum for book lovers, as explained in earlier posts.

I know I have allot of Russian followers on this site. This is the reason for making it, truly international, as I am a bit better at the process now.  Thanks for the audience, and I wish you all a good afternoon.  Till next time.


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