67 people now on my Giveaway!

I am happy to see 67 people have thus far joined for my Goodreads Giveaway contest! I generally gain 3 more people a day, and that is good for a book that has absolutely no marketing budget. Thankfully there are places in social networks, such as goodreads, to spread the word out somewhat.

I was close to advertising on radio in the USA, which never happened. Same as newspaper, or the old style advertising. I am truly unsure you will obtain allot of sales throughout these methods. I have heard not many, so if the proof is not there to support, then I cannot enter in such high risk actions.

Contests are the best way to bring out attention to your product. I do believe advertising, on Amazon or Barnes, maybe a good way to spend your money too. But, there is no guarantees. I know I did not try the banner thing on those sites. Goodreads also offers advertising as well, which could be my next alternative. I think that that kind of advertising among people who have the same common interests (Books) work better than mass media advertising. That is just my opinion. Maybe a greater salesman can prove me wrong.

I used to believe I could sell anything. I know anything in my yard, from my second hand cars, to my bikes, ect, usually flew off the lot in the first few days of putting the for sale sign up. This book business, is indeed, challenging.

I also offered to give a kindle version book to a reviewer. This was one fantastic time, to finally get that much needed review for my book. The only problem is, the publisher say they can't do it that way. I would have paid for the kindle book at the publisher, to have it sent direct through to her e mail address. Maybe I am missing something here. Maybe, the book is actually located on the Amazon server, not on theirs. Interesting. I will have to probe deeper...  Have a good day, till next time...


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