210 signed up to win a free book on Goodreads!

This is since yesterday, 210 is now the tally, and 2 days and a half left to go until the contest ends.

I have had little time to start to continue my work on Part 4. Busy with my real job, and family matters again.
I will try next week, or further down the line to keep chugging away at it.

"The Supermarket Guy Book of Poetry" is complete. I just have to get it published, but there is plenty of time for that. Part 3, the cover is drawn out in rough draft, some tweaking is needed, but the general idea is there.

I found out that people can order my book online at the local bookstore here. It saves me the trouble of ordering them, and then placing them on consignment. I rather it go through the book sellers, as it shows up on the rankings a bit better on the system. I just need to tell them, they can order it through the bookstore. I may give the bookstore a poster, to put up on their wall though, for advertisement... If they accept it..

Well, that is it for now. Not much excitement, yet, really... Hope you have a great afternoon, till next time..


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