Windy Sundays always bring much contemplation.

Sunny outside, but man, the wind is high this morning. It is creating a few small snow drifts in the yard. The wife wanted to go cross country skiing today, but if the wind is that high, we may be unable to go. It beats on your face, and it does not make for a comfortable ski. Oh, we will see...

Nothing new with my twitter. I have around 20 followers, following me, and then I am following around 90 or so people. It kinda staved off at that point. I had blocked allot of followers that were spamming, which cleared up most of my blog after a week or so. It is a nice forum, but I am unsure of its strengths. I am set up in my own little bubble, tweeting a bit or a tad of comment every so often. Only if it gets retweeted by someone who has a pile of followers, then it can travel far across the internet galaxy. Oh well...

I think Today is an, Oh well kind of day. Oh well. What can you do? There is somethings that you wish you had control over, and some things we know we never will have control over. Maybe it is all, for a good reason. I believe everything is for a reason, and allot of things waits for a season. That is actually a good thought for the day. Do you believe in destiny, or free choice? Or is it our souls is geared for something, that not even our own bodies can stop. Interesting... Well, all I know is that my book has no news to it as of yet. I need to call Moncton Chapters to see if I sold, just one, or two, lonely copies... Have a great day, till then..


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