Will polish off Part 3 of The Supermarket Guy.

Nice day out today, sun is strong. Snow will come down a bit today. The banks on the side of the road are a few feet high. I would say we usually get more snow for this time of the year, yet February is not over yet.

Will polish off Part 3, of The Supermarket Guy this week probably. Then send it off, to the copyright office. I have only a few pages to write of the ending, and it is done. It is probably the same length as the first one. I did not feel much inspiration to continue on with writing Part 4. As of late, I took a break, as not much movement is occurring for my ratings or sales. When the news is glum, I become a bum.. So to speak..

The Chapters in Moncton wanted a 45 % cut on the book. Very high, but usually I heard that is what they all want at the big chains. The smaller, more local bookstores, only wanted 20 %, but I gave them much more than that. I gave them around 35 %. 30 days to sell. The clock is ticking. After that, I will have to pick them up. Not very much time, I find. Should be interesting... Well, time to go and write something down.. Have a good day, till then...


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