Watched "War Horse"

I watched the movie "War Horse".  I totally recommend it. What a great piece of WW I history, and a beautiful story. I know what everyone wants to know... Does the horse, die in the end of the film.. Well, let me tell you that,  I cannot tell you that... It would, ruin, the show for you.. The horse, is a great actor. Smart, brilliant, and has nice chompers.. He is also scared to jump, which leads him into some trouble late into the film.. Ok, that is enough, I will not ruin it for you.. I give it, a 5 on 5. Beautiful pictures of the countryside, and you are brought back into a time when things were really tough... These guys, are heroes.

Well, besides that, not much else is going on. I wish I could get my book in for a time slot for the Superbowl commercial at halftime.. But, that is wishful wishing. Just not going to happen.. Anytime in my lifetime... I have a greater chance at a meteorite hitting my house. There was one that fell down here, not too far from the Bathurst area in New Brunswick, here. It created allot of media stir, and a search for that elusive rock from the stars.. If anything was left over from the impending impact... All I know, I am thankful it was small... Have a good afternoon,  till then... My Superbowl prediction... NY Giants 34, Patriots 27.


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