Watched Safehouse...

Safehouse, with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. CIA agents, bad guys, and lots of action. It is the typical spy show, where the good guys are actually the bad guys, and the hunted is actually the hero. This has been done, many times before, even in the James Bond shows. It is, however, an entertaining film. If you like action, there is lots of it, in this film. At times, it does bolt you to your seat. The only thing, when the agent shoots the bullet over the ear of the other agent in the subway, it does not phase him that much. In my thinking, it would affect his hearing for at least half of the day. It appeared as if he did hit his ear, too, with the bullet (grazed it).

If I had to rate it on 5, I would give it a 3, especially if you are not an action lover. If you are an action lover, at heart, then a 4. It just all depends how hard you are up for action. Have a good night, till then..


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