A visit from Nigeria!

Well, finally I got a visit from the beautiful continent of Africa! A visit from Nigeria, the place where the lions roar!

It was quite the visit I had last night. I could make quite the array of alcoholic beverages from all these countries. Germany, Snaps, The United Kingdom, Guiness, the United States, Jack Daneils, then Russia, clear crystal vodka. Put it all in a blender, and shake it up real good! In a 50 ounce glass. Slug her down!

Oh, I guess my Superbowl prediction fell a little short. I got the teams right on the winning and losing sides, but my score was a dreamers scorecard... I was hoping for allot more action... Once again, the clock was in the favor of the Giants... Run with the ball, the last 4 or so minutes.. Keep a tight game. Geesh. How did they do it again! That is the thought for the day!  Have a good one,  till then!


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