Very first visit from Chile!

My first visit from Chile today! I am getting more people from South America, every day now! Thanks for dropping by, Chile! Also Indonesia, and of course Russia was in for a visit today.

It was mild, today. I was walking out at a nature preserve here in the area, and they set up these nice little bird feeders from a gazebo of sorts. My dog ran out the length of her 20 foot wind up leash. She paused, as she was looking for squirrels in the Boreal forest. Then, a chickadee jumped on the dogs rope, nearly a foot from my hand. It stayed there for a few seconds. I think it was looking for some food, in which I did not have, so it fluttered away in disgust. People feed the birds there, and as mentioned previously, they do eat right out of your hand.  The dog did nothing, as he did not realize what was going on, still looking for that elusive squirrel that must have ran under a fir trees bow branch.

I imagine the maple syrup season is now on the run. Trees tapped, with their lines running to evaporators, taking the sweet liquid into the heated cauldrons. Many cords of wood burnt to thicken the syrup. Tested to perfection. Spread it out on snow, and it makes like a taffy. They have breakfasts at these camps, and for 12 dollars you can have an all you can eat maple syrup breakfast. Pancakes, eggs (scrambled or boiled), toast, ham, bacon, beans, coffee or juice. It keeps them busy, and the halls are full, from the morning till closing time. Sometimes the line up is as far as several 10s of feet outside of the main building. Well, I can't wait to find out if they are, indeed open. Have a great night,  till then...


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