Trying to learn twitter!

Twitter. It is, a new forum for myself. Some of you people are probably already on it, and know much more than I ever would about it. You have to go through many pages of people, and follow a few. Then from there, you may get or pick up a few followers. It is done, trying to make a social link, or trying to get a message across. The words to type maybe have a length of a few lines. That is it. Some of you are probably already on there. I have, 3 followers on Twitter thus far. I cleaned out allot of the bots, and it left me with a few. So far, I had not experienced a great influx of bots. I thought I would get, on average, 20 followers every 8 hours. This, has calmed down quite a bit.

And, it is really all about trying to spread out. Getting the word out about my book. Something I was hesitatingly trying to avoid, the twitter or facebook stuff. I decided on twitter, as it seemed the sound bits may carry farther than just locally in the province or Canada, for that mattter. Twitter is probably more international, faster links, that way. Maybe I am wrong.

My test trail for twitter continues. I will update as time goes on. I am following some book sites, like the NYTimes book twitter, a few of my favorite actors (Stallone, Arnold, Jim Carrey, Danny Devito). I will see if it leads to more book sales, which I dearly need to keep writing... Hope you all have a good day. Signing off in minus 17 C morning here in Northern NB, till then....


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