Training a bit last night

I trained last night, but only chest exercises and some abs. I did not feel the energy to do biceps with the busy day I had yesterday. When training, I used to do two body parts a day. Sometimes take the next day off. I would make gains of 5 lbs per month (man) in some exercises for strength. I never took any performance enhancing drugs. The fact, is that if you do for instance, the bench press 2 times a week, or your shoulders 2 times a week, usually you will make incredible gains in that exercise you are performing, naturally.

If I could not do the bench press twice during a week, I would do tricep close grip bench presses, as a substitute. And, you can work around your schedule to try to maximize gains. Right now, working shift work, sometimes quite a few nights straight, it really makes me wonder if I will ever get back into it hard. I usually am too tired, or bothered during the day to work out after a night shift. Then, sometimes one shoulder does bother me. I am hoping it comes back, but working out light I hardly feel the problem. It is due to an old injury back in my early twenties, when pushing too hard for too long, probably. It may have also been due to the behind the neck shoulder press. I was doing too much, and, it is an awkward exercise to do.

My advice to young people training today, is to avoid the awkward, movement exercises. Try to replace them with some exercises that are a quick flow movement. Less joint movement in two directions, or jolty, is much better for you. Well, time to go.. Have a good day, no news on the book.. Till then..


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