Toilet was plugged at work today!

Well, the toilet was plugged at work today! The shift who took off, left us without the local bathroom facility. By law, you have to have more than one washroom depending on how many people work at your location. Luckily for us, we have many around the locality. Our own team tried to unplug it, but after a four hour dog fight, nothing swirled down the bowl. Then, they called in the local plumber. A friend of mine. I was having a pee, at the urinal, when I seen him come in with a long rod and a curly spring on the end of the rod.

I was not finished my pee, and I could hear the two flushes of the toilet. I was amazed.

I said, "Wow. You cleaned that out in less than a minute". He replied, "Yeah, and Wow. You are peeing longer than the time it took for me to unplug that toilet", as he laughed as he walked out the door. Coffee does that to you sometime.. I wish it was beer, but at work, well..

Anyways, it just goes to show what a pro can do. That is the thought of the day, or the night. Two guys could not unplug it, but the plumber with his gadget did the trick in no time. And, probably made a good 80 bucks just for the visit. I am in the wrong field of work.

Besides that, 4 new friends on Twitter. I think one is a bot. Oh well. No news on the book. Have a great night,  till then..


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