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This morning visitors are from the planet earth!

Visitors today, hail from the United States, Germany, Serbia, and the United Kingdom. This blog is more International than ever before.

We heard the news about Israel and Iran the other day. We hope they can come to a peaceful solution,  and that no more war or casualties will result. They are ramping up the rhetoric, from both sides. It does not bode well, for peace.

Besides that, I am trying to seal up the basement against Radon. Radon, the invisible gas, that if exists there in significant amount can lead to lung cancer. In my opinion, it is only truly bad if you live down in your basement. At this moment, I may go down there and spend an hour or so every second day. If you are a smoker, your chances increase very much so, with the exposure to the Radon in a basement for lung cancer. You may not have, Radon in your basement. You can get the test kits, from most Hardware supply dealers. They are usually placed a few feet from the floor, and in different locations in your basement. Better to buy two, to get a truer reading. Extreme bad readings are probably from 600 to 800 Bq, while mine ranged around 400 to 300. But, the new limit from health Canada is probably around 200, if I remember correctly. It used to be higher.

You can protect against Radon, first by sealing any openings you have, or cracks in the floor. This is what I started to do awhile back. I need to still cement in two holes. The second plan then is to measure the readings, to see if my work helped against the build up of the radioactive gas into the basement. If not, I could always set up a floor system with channels underneath, to vent out the gas with a small exhaust fan.

You can avoid it all together, by before building your basement, have it planned for radon pressure release. You can put a perforated pipe or a system underneath your cement slab, that vents to the outer wall, somehow. You can ask your contractor on how such a system works. There is probably a way, also, to relieve pressure from around the sides of your basement, so that gas may escape around it. But I am not sure of the last method. As technology increases, better systems will be out there to cut costs and eliminate Radon to minute amounts.

And, Radon gas, is just that pressure of radioactive gas entering your basement through holes and cracks, and building up over time. As I said before, it may never affect you, if you do not live down in your basement. But if you do live in your basement, you should get it checked. Tests kits are just around 20 dollars or so, but they have to be left there for 3 months to get a good average.

Besides that, no news on the book front... I hope you have a great day, till then.


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