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The Snow has arrived in full force!

Got up this morning to take the dog for her number one and two. I opened the door, and a foot of snow or more stood up, as if bricked in. The dog would not jump, in the snow. I had to clear a path for her, right till we got into the middle of my driveway where the snow drifted away a bit. Even there, there had to be 15 cm. I never got the forecast for today, but I am expecting more snow right until the evening. Oh boys. I should have bought that 1000 cc ski doo!

My snow blower is 11 years old, and it is just a Briggs and Stratton Motor. The only parts that I had to replace so far, were some bearings, and such. 2000 dollar machine, so divide that over 11 years so far to see if I got my moneys worth. Here in Canada, snow contracts vary from 250 to 300 per year. This is in Atlantic Canada, or 20 up to 30 dollars a clearing. It went up, as the price of fuel went up, as I believe now it stands at 30 dollars. I hopefully will get another 5 years of clearing with my blower. Hopefully 10, with some little maintenance here and there. I know the older snow blowers used to last 20 years or so. I can still see my father blowing, with a machine that would hardly throw the snow high. It produced high banks, and worse during heavy winters with high snowfalls. His pulley for the snow impeller was all bent. I could see it twisting at high rpm. It is amazing he got that many years out of it. He might have hit a junk of ice with it, our one of my cousins used it and bent her up. Now, that was a blower at 800 dollars back then. It lasted 20 years, and plus he sold it for 50 dollars. It maybe still is, running today. Bought it in the late 70s. Sold in the late 90s. It did pretty good.

As noted before... The corrections for the book will be in next week, for Part 2, Rise of the Market Overlord. On one hand, I am happy to get it back. On the other, it is the work associated with going through it again. My final changes can be made at this point. There is already, a change that I need to make on my synopsis. Or, my back cover page of the book. That will be fairly fast. I think, I could change and rearrange things many times, without noticing that I could be doing more harm than good. Sometimes, after I finish a work, I go a little hard at it and change allot of it around. I hope this time it works out alright. I think an artist, or a writer, if he gets too much input from other people, it can ruin his true artistry on the matter.  It is exposed to be your work. I always wondered why some writers let other people critique them before sending it away to be published. You then allow external forces into your book, and at the end, is it really your work. I know myself, I wrote it, without anyone giving any input to it. I then re read it, and corrected it, a few times over. And, I could keep changing things forever. But, there comes a point, where you just got to let it go on its own. Now, a Dog Ear Publishing Editor will pour over it. They will ask me to make some changes, corrections most certainly, but the main body perhaps. If something is not understood well, that is it. But, to invite someone to change the characters, or to make it more appealing, is not my cup of tea. If someone wanted to make a movie out of it, then I could change it for a movie. The book remains the same. But that alone. I am now starting to talk out of my hat. Well, have a good evening.. Under the blanket of snow, yours truly, till then..


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