Short trip to Moncton today!

First, thanks for the visit from Latvia and Lithuania! That part of the world has been very kind to me on this blog!

Will be going to Moncton today, New Brunswicks largest city. There, I will drop off a few books (If they will take them), and if they sell in a certain amount of time, I will know for sure it will be alright. I was intending to go for a good while, but there was always something coming up to stop me from going there. It is only a 3 hr drive, but sometimes other things come up, some family matters... Oh well...

Now, Gisele Bundchens comments after the Super Bowl defeat. We all lived through these times. When, a woman, tries to defend her man in victory and defeat, but says the wrong things in doing so. Now, the feminists will say, what about the man. True enough, the man has plenty of a job enough to be politically correct these days. We are all guilty at times for saying stuff that sounds a little uncaring, unsympathetic, or down right scathing. It is in our human nature.

I take her comments with a grain of salt. It is not that big of a deal, as we know her motives. I think every team makes mistakes, even during a championship game. It is the teams that do make mistakes, and do win on top, that are truly great. I seen two times where the Patriots linemen dropped the ball, where I could say they should have caught the ball. Brady played an awesome game. That last minute rush, was nothing but spectacular.

 But, to the defense of the tight ends, ect, the tackles are close and nearly on top of them. Maybe their concentration was off. You can tell they were not at the top of their game, that day. One day. Maybe they had no sleep the night before... Maybe... But even so, a championship team should be able to make mistakes, and still win, during that very game...  If they make no mistakes, even better. If you make it a longer series, like a 2 out of 3, then you would see a true winner. Make it 4 out of 7, then you know overwhelmingly the winner. Make it a series 8 wins out of 15 games, then you have a untested true winner.... Untested. The more games a series, the more it will lead to a clear cut, winner, with the mistakes not even a factor... That is the thought for the day.. Have a good one,  till then..


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