The karoaoke craze!

Karaoke has been around since vhs tapes came out in the 90s, with the words to the songs. Then, a few Christmas presents came around, and we tried it out. Some songs were too fast, like 50 cents rapping style.... Some were too slow, like Willie Nelsons  Blue Eyes Crying, in the Rain..

No, those two songs were not on the CDs... Too bad, they are great songs... But, the machines were sent back. Too much static coming from their systems. You could hear a hum, that emitted from the speakers. Something was out of wack. Then, we bought a 40 dollar American Idol box. We found it alright at first, but it seemed the microphone volume when singing did not increase or decrease over the increase or decrease over the background music. I think they want to keep it, due to being fed up with returning things. They seem to find it works better than the other machine. Maybe it is our TV set speakers that are not working right.

Fads.. American Idol, the X factor, the voice... When will people get tired of these reality shows... I am starting to find, that the voices are much familiar to popular stars already singing out there. Can they flood the market with singers?  Is there enough room for several voices similar to Madonnas, or Neil Diamond? I cannot answer that question right now, as I am so tired from working a night shift. But you get my drift. Same goes for the Vampire series.. When will people finally give it a bone to suck on... Maybe, they will last forever... and ever... That is the thought for the day,  have a good one,  till then...


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