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Hot dogs with no preservatives.

For the last few months, I have been buying meats with no preservatives. Natural, as the packaging showed from Maple Leaf Foods. Just a little while ago, from the television and from people talking at work, I found out that they were using a celery extract in order to help preserve the meat. This celery extract, is a source of nitrates and nitrites, the very thing I was trying to avoid eating all along. Allot of dietary groups and people were mad, at being hoodwinked into buying a seemingly natural product. The Nitrates can break down and form Nitrosamines, which have been linked to cancer. The link to the article is as follows below.

This is tough to swallow. When you think at last, a company is doing something right, it comes out in the news that maybe it has done not much at all. Maybe no fillers, that is it. But the nitrates could be there. Once again, I will cut down my intake of these meats, until hopefully someday a company can get it right for once and for all. I am sure, in moderation, it is alright to eat but not every day. But, to those who are strict on the meat of no nitrate, they will have to go see their local farmers. The local farmers market, does offer meats with no additives or preservatives. Straight from the farm.

Besides that, my twitter has around 35 friends. I am better now at how to get at messaging boards, and am finding it to be quite handy. How handy? Not really sure. I am hoping that it just increases exposure to the book, and that I create a few friends. I have already made friends with a great Opera singer from Canada. If it creates a difference in book sales, I will have to say it is due to the twitter effect. If I see no rise, then  I know it did nothing for to help. I should be getting back "The Rise of the Market Overlord" by the end of February, for my corrections and such. This will be an intense time of corrections, perhaps. I hope it goes more smoothly than the first.  Have a good day,  till next time.. 


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