Hard time to sleep last night.

Maybe coming down with the flue. Had somewhat of a runny nose, short cough, and throat is getting a little irritated. This is probably because I was out yesterday in the cold weather, blowing snow again. 2 hours of blowing snow, sweating like a dog. Hot, cold, then hot and cold usually does it. I finally got bitten by the flue bug.

I took a tylenol last night, and it helped me go to bed. I will monitor it today, and see what else I can take to battle the stuffiness. I have puffers to take for my cough, but the sniffles and throat, what can you do. Take a few tylenol and wait for it to pass? I may take lots of liquids, and give it a try like that.

Besides that, seems like the cold always comes when you want to get some things done. The belt on my snow blower. I feel like I should be out there, fixing it now. I may do it, but it will be minus 7 today. The only good thing today, is that we got no wind. The wind, is the worse. Us Nordic countries know, that the wind can magnify these temperatures into the minus 20s or more. Well, have to go for now. I hope you all have a coldless day.. Till then..


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