Happy Valentines to all the Supermarket Guy Maniacs out there!

Happy Valentines to all of you out there. This is a time to be appreciative, of that special other half, or to be thoughtful to a person that you think about allot. My wife got me a box of chocolates and a card. I will have to go out today and get her something, as I was working too much this weekend. As usual, I am late. I have to do some shopping for my parents this afternoon, and then I will head out to get her something in the shadows.

It is expected to warm up here a bit in the afternoon. I had a nagging cough, but no fever. I took a puffer to clear it up, but it does not work fast. Now a days, they do not give out antibiotics unless really  necessary. Antibiotics used to bring up the phlegm, fast. The doctor diagnosed me with slight asthma. So far, I am thankful that I was never really out of breath in doing anything. I seen some people, as all of you have, reaching for the puffer when doing activity to help them breath again. It is tough to do activity and sports at times for people who really suffer badly from it. The doctor at my youth always said I had bronchitis. They say the virus comes in once every two years, and produces a mucus causing cough. Many people die to asthma every year. Thank goodness there are Cortisoids out there to help, and hopefully they will find much better drugs in the future to help people with this problem.

Nothing new on the book front. This week, I may get "The Supermarket Guy: 3", ready for copyright. Besides that, nothing new. Things have quietened down quite a bit. Till then.


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