Getting better with Twitter.

Twitter. I am getting better with it, but far from mastering it. I just pressed on the discovery button, as it showed how people responded to my tweets. I had about 12 followers, and a few messages sent back. I seen Katy Perry with 14000000 followers, and Lady Gaga with around 18000000. Mind boggling, when some tweets to these famous people are probably several thousand per second. It is, hard to understand how anyone can keep up with those numbers.

They say this will, actually increase numbers in viewership, and brand name knowledge of your service or product. They also say, this E blogger could increase in viewership by 30 %, plus or minus. This is the main reason that I decided to give it a try. But, on the other hand, it is a great forum to see what is going on in the fast tweets of people and friends throughout the world.

It still baffles me, on how such or how come in just a few sentences, it creates such a following... Amazing.. I think in the end, we will see a clash of the titans. Tweets, Facebookmanaics, and Bloggers alike... What site is going to have the biggest social chunk of the garb?.. Till then..


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