Garage door opener works great

The new garage door opener. It works, great. I have a control direct wired to the garage opener motor. Up and down, function. There is a lock and unlock function on it as well. Then, the remote you can put in your car. It can program up to 7 codes in it, or open 7 things, yet I have a hard time to understand that one, as it has only 3 buttons on it. You can press the car remote to make it go up, press it to stop if need be, and then press it to go down.

The third remote is a key entry, where you have to put in an access code, and then press on the up or down button to open the door. I am not sure if I will use this one, but who knows. It can stay on the outside wall of the garage.

Also, the tension is set, so that when I put a block of wood underneath, it stops without smashing the door or the block of wood. The settings are right on the motor, turn a screw one way or the other to set the tension. Then, on the motor, there are up and down buttons which can move the door up and down as well.

It is a chain drive, as the garage is not hooked to the house. For quiet, you may want a screw type if your garage is hooked to your house. But, I do not find the chain drive bad, as it only opens once in a blue moon. If your bedroom is hooked close to the garage, I can see why maybe someone would want the screw drive. Especially if you are working late at night. All of these garage door openers are pretty much the same, and the light comes on and stays on for a few minutes once you activate it. Craftsman, Genie, and Chamberlain make great door openers for at least around 190 bucks Canadian, 1/2 hp.

The most important  thing, is to test the motion sensors at the bottom, to see if the door will stop if a cat or a dog runs under the door. It will stop, flash the lights, and then retract for safety.  Also, testing the motors stopping function over a piece of wood is good too..

Besides that, no news on the book.. Have a super day, till then..


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