Facebook to issue stock!

Interesting to see a company, like Facebook, issue stock. People value the company at 75 to 100 billion dollars.

Now, here is the thing. They have 800 million users. You are probably a user as well. They may charge you for using games, or different apps. From what I hear, there is advertising dollars on there as well.

Sitting here, I do not understand how a company like this could be worth 75 billion dollars. All they are doing, is robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Not stealing, but enticing advertising revenue away from Google, Yahoo, and you name it. This probably is going to result in lower share values for the others. It will, take some time, as marketing people will see (some) facebook more attractive than the other web engines.

Very interesting... I hope it will not become like the tech bubble, and bring the house of cards down like it did several years ago.. Anyways, you cannot make money out of thin air. It has to come from somewhere, and that unfortunately, is at the expense of the other web engines, or social networking sites.. I should probably buy some of this stock, as it takes off at first... Then let her go, if I figure out when the peak will stop at... No news on the book front... Have a great day,  till then..


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