Coquilles St Jacques!

Next time you are at your local McDonalds, ask for a Coquilles St. Jacques at the microphone. That should blow them away. Talk about delicious. White wine, Creme, Gruyere Cheese, Scallops, ect, all topped with Mozzarella cheese.. Roasted in the oven to purrfection!!! No, McDonalds do not offer that there, yet... But, who knows.. Maybe in time, they may offer it, if they can get the recipe down right!

Besides that, I ate two of those delicious Coquilles St Jacques today. The only thing, they are high in fat. Try to limit them to once every so often. In France, they are famous for that dish. You can always get the recipe off of the internet...

Not much news on the book.. Yawn.. Time tick tocking away. Only, I got 2 more friends on twitter. Hopefully I can keep up to their tweets. Oh, and I am following Al Gore. He is promoting the environment. It is, an arduous task. I think that the planet did come a long way, as we do see more recycling and wind turbines and such. And, I do think we will see more of it in the future. It is inevitable... But, I do believe on the other hand, it does reduce jobs. But, the jobs lost ( I think) will eventually turn up in different industries, as people try their hands at different things. It will take time.. That is the thought for, the night.. Have a good one, till then..


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