Bought some cross country skiis the other day.

A long time ago, they went by the height of the person to recommend the skis to buy. They would just make sure the skiis were the same height as, the person. Now, they do have weight listings right on the ski. I already picked a pair, to my same height, when the salesman informed me of my poor choice. Also, the ski poles should go a little longer than the shoulder height. Mine is about a few inches over my shoulders, and they too are somewhat rated for how heavy you push. I got a wax kit, for 3 different temperature ranges. I had to buy the boots as well.

For all these things, it came just a little over 310 dollars. I had a 20 % discount on the skis and poles. The skis are the most expensive, as some sets were well into the 280 range alone. Not being a professional skier, I took the cheapest set I could find. But, they are Fisher skis, and Salomon poles, and a mix of other things. I should be good for another 10 years of skiing, I hope.

If I would not have lost my old boots, I could have still used my old pair of skis. Just that the new shoes are of a different clip on now. You cannot buy an old pair of boots with the old style 90s clip on, unless you look on e bay or something. I looked, and could not find a size of shoe. I know I could have replaced the binding, true enough, on the old pair of skis. But, my old skis paint finish was starting to crack all over. I guess, in the end, it was just as well.

Not much new on the book. Part 3, Supermarketdominium is now sent to the copyright office. Due to below average sales, it may only be released in 2013. But, for publishing on demand books, there maybe only 500 or so out of the total produced that do really sell well. I read that somewhere, on the internet. Maybe that fact is not true, but maybe it is an ball park figure. That leaves me for slim pickings. Well, time to go, but I hope you all discover something today that makes it for an interesting day. Till then...


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