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Hard to believe, that I have blogged over 339 times on this site. Not counting this one. I must say, some days it goes easier than others. Today was a pretty dry day for me. No book news, no family news at all. It is just that kind of day that you wish you had more time in. 24 hours sometimes, is not enough, to get things done.

I did some grocery shopping for my parents today. Did some of their snow removal as well. I did the snow removal here, at this house as well. Then, bought some stuff in town again, some pop on sale at 2.99 a case.

2.99 a case.. How can they sell pop that low of a price? And, when coke or pepsi starts it, the other is not too far behind to change their prices to suit. That is the only thing, that I ever see that always goes down to the regular low price. How could a fledgling company compete? Unless you had special flavours..

Chocolate bars, are up. You could get them at 50 cents a piece at times. Now, that sugar and cocoa has probably increased in price, it is now 79 cents the new low..

No doubt, the price of shopping has gone up in Canada, as well in the world for goods. If you like to buy organic, then add on 15 % to your shopping bill. Or more. Organics is exposed to be good for us, but the sad fact is that you got to eat that stuff fast. It does not last as long as the preserved stuff...

I guess I have to time do some training downstairs in the little gym I got. Maybe, just do Chest, and save Biceps for tomorrow.. I will talk maybe more about some training I used to do later on.. Have a good night, till then...


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